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Structure and Working Principles
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The CBF is an industry-wide initiative
  • to promote simple and easy-to-use, interoperable Cell Broadcast service solutions
  • to improve the technology and underlying standards
  • to develop the Cell Broadcast market
  • to maximize business for the mobile and related industry
Operating as an independent organisation, the Forum is open to all members of the mobile communications community involved in Cell Broadcast:
  • mobile operators
  • content providers
  • handset / network manufactures
  • solution providers
  • media companies
  • etc.
The Forum objectives are:
  • to contribute to the development of the CB market
  • to promote and stimulate interest in it
  • to execute and commission surveys
  • to establish contact between involved parties
  • to share ideas and experiences
  • to develop visions
To create common standpoint regarding handset, BSS and Cell Broadcast Centre functionality
  • to promote and demonstrate interoperability
  • to secure long term evolution of the Cell Broadcast technology
  • to address standardisation issues such as
    • Handset functionality
    • Allocation of message identifiers
    • and others
  • to liaise with other bodies such as
    • GSM Association
    • ETSI
    • WAP Forum
    • Location Interoperability Forum
    • 3rd Generation Partnership Program
    • and others
All Objectives of the CBF and its operations shall be built on an open and non-discriminatory basis.