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FAQ for Cell Broadcast Forum
Q: What is CBF - the Cell Broadcast Forum?
A: The Cell Broadcast Forum (CBF) is a non-profit Industry Association that supports the world standard for cell broadcast wireless information and telephony services on digital mobile phones and other wireless terminals.

The primary goal of the Cell Broadcast Forum is to bring together companies from all segments of the wireless industry value chain to ensure product interoperability and growth of wireless market.

Cell Broadcast Forum members represent the global handset market, carriers that together serve more than 100 million customers, leading infrastructure providers, software developers and other organisations providing solutions to the wireless industry.

The members of the Forum, by means of their voluntary participation in and contributions to working groups form the basis for the Forum's activities

Q: How can I contact the CBF and/or keep updated on the work of CBF?
A: To contact CBF and to get the latest news regarding the progress of the work within CBF, please go to info@cellbroadcastforum.org

Q: Why has CBF been established?
A: To bring together companies from all segments of the industry to commonly ensure success of the Cell Broadcast market.

Q: Who are the Founding Members of the CBF?
A: LogicaCMG, Orange, Swapcom and SPMM.

Q: How is the CBF structured?
A: CBF's structure consists of the following:
  • CBF Board
    The board consists of the Chief Executive Officer and a representative from a Gateway Manufacturer, a Telecom Operator, an Application Service Provider or a Handset Manufacturer. These representatives must be a Founding Member or a Full Member of the CBF.
  • Chief Executive Officer
    The Chief Exectutive Officer runs the daily business of the CBF.
  • Working Groups
    Currently, four Working Groups responsible for implementing CBFs plans have been established:
    • Standards Influencing Working Group,
    • Interoperability Working Group,
    • Handset Software Working Group, and
    • Services Working Group.

    A chairman for each working group is elected by the group itself. The CBF Board approves the appointment of the elected chairman. The chairman is elected for a period of one year.

  • Strategy and Vision Group
    The Strategy and Vision Group will guide CBF's work in order to ensure that products and services eventually made by CBF members will satisfy market needs and will be widely adopted.

Q: Is the CBF a legal entity?
A: Yes

Q: Where is the CBF located?
A: The registered office for the CBF is:
Cell Broadcast Forum,
p.a. SPMM
Y-tech gebouw
Van Diemenstraat 94
1013 CN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Q: Who can join the CBF?
A: Membership of the CBF is restricted to companies/organizations (i.e. not individuals).

Q: How do I get a password for the "member's only" part of the website?
A: User names and passwords will be sent to the representatives of the member.

Q: Who are the CBF's Board Members and Working Group chairpersons?
A: See Structure and Working Principles on this website.

Q: Will the CBF develop products? And if so, who will own these products?
A: The CBF will not undertake any product development per se. However, within the working groups of the CBF, specifications will be discussed and may drafted and submitted to one or more standards bodies or specification organizations in order to enhance interoperability among networks and handsets of different vendors.

Q: What will be the short-term focus of CBF's working groups? What is the first problem the CBF will focus on?
A: Short-term focus of the CBF is to draft a handsets requirements document that specifies the handset's behaviour towards Cell Broadcast and to discuss this document with handset vendors.

Q: Will the CBF develop business cases and application for Cell Broadcast?
A: The Working Group for Services has the task to discuss and develop attractive applications that show the benefits of Cell Broadcast.