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Cell Broadcast is a technology that allows a text or binary message to be defined and distributed to all mobile terminals connected to a set of cells. Whereas SMS messages are sent point-to-point, Cell Broadcast (SMS-CB) messages are sent point-to-area. This means that one SMS-CB message can reach a huge number of terminals at once. In other words, SMS-CB messages are directed to radio cells, rather than to a specific terminal. SMS-CB is an unconfirmed push service, meaning that the originator of the message does not know who has received the message, allowing for services based on anonymity.

Cell Broadcast Entity (CBE) is a multi-user front-end that allows the definition and control of SMS-CB messages. A CBE can be located at the site of a content provider. At the site of the operator a so-called Cell Broadcast Centre (CBC) is located. The CBC is the heart of the Cell Broadcast System and acts as a server for all CBE clients. It takes care of the administration of all SMS-CB messages it receives from the CBEs and does the communication towards the GSM network. The GSM network itself takes care of delivering the SMS-CB messages to the mobile terminals.