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The Cell Broadcast vision for the mobile handset user:
Cell Broadcast will be the reliable, location specific, source of information, for people on the move including those visiting other countries. Today it's text, tomorrow it will be pictures and the day after it will be video. In case of emergencies, using a mobile handset will be the reliable way of receiving information - fast - through Cell Broadcast messages send by authorities.

From a Government authority point of view:
Because of the growth of mobile telephone users, the immense popularity of mobile telephones, Cell Broadcast is the ultimate way to communicate to citizen in case of emergency. Even those people, who do not have a mobile telephone, will be informed by the ‘buddy’ principle.

The Cell Broadcast vision for the Network Operator:
Cell Broadcast will boost revenues for SMS, MMS, WAP and IVR services. From Operator Customer Loyalty perspective: offering Cell Broadcast information, in cooperation with Government authorities, will help your customers receiving the right information, on the right moment, on the right location, from a reliable source, via the mobile telephone.