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 March 2010: in the last 24 months the developments of Cell Broadcast messaging services and solutions have shown strong growth in various parts of the World. The number of new value add service suppliers, active in the total Cell Broadcast messaging services chain, have increased dramatically. Almost all of these 'value-add' suppliers are active in one or more of the following key market area's, defined as: 'medium market size - with high growth - and high potential':


1: Telco competitive location based discount services.

2: Cell Broadcast mobile alert services, in Public Warning.

 3: Commercial Cell Broadcast messaging services.


The 'Commercial CB messaging services' market is build upon a number of quite different commercial models, which can be grouped together in three mainstreams: a: Mobile advertising ticker services, 'idle screen' services

b: Crowd sourcing, social media services

c: Info- and narrowcasting services

A customized 'Expert Consultancy Service', addressing Cell Broadcast services markets, is available at request via the Cell Broadcast Forum.

More information: info AT cellbroadcastforum.org