Cell Broadcast Applications
Cell Broadcast Vision
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Cell Broadcast Markets
Cell Broadcast can be used for a number of different services and has been de-ployed by several network operators.
Early Warning System (EWS) for citizen alert
Cell Broadcast on mobile telephones can be used for Early Warning Systems (EWS) by Governments. A few countries in the world have already adopted this technique, in addition to older and already existing forms of communication like siren, or radio and TV. The advantage of this system is that it allows sending messages without having to know the phone numbers of the users in the region. Instead of sending a message to a specific known mobile phone you can send a text to all mobile phones in a specific zone. Mass communication, very fast, in case it really matters.
Retail outlets in certain areas would be interested in sending customers and potential customers information about special offers and attractions such as sales, special offers, extended opening times and so on. Shopping centers, exhibition halls, airports and sports stadiums are the kinds of location that could be targeted for Cell Broadcast based services.
Information Services

Cell Broadcast is ideal for delivering local or regional information which is suited to all the people in that area, rather than just one or a few people. Examples include hazard warnings, cinema programs, local weather, flight or bus delays, tourist information, parking and traffic information.

Cell Broadcast can also be used for managing and communicating with a remote but local team such as emergency services or airport staff. The emergency services could send an encrypted message out to all officers or other staff in a certain area to respond to an incident. This is particularly useful for standby workers who only need to be called in and present in a certain place when certain events occur.