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Topics from Milan Plenary 2002
Inaugural Meeting Presentations
Below you can download all (Powerpoint) presentations held at the Inaugural Meeting:

Tom Veldman of CMG Telecommunications: Introduction (190 Kb)

Simon Buckingham of Mobile Lifestreams: Vision on Location Services (307 Kb)

Yvan Verlaine of Sila Communications: Financial Information Service (307 Kb)

Christian Berwanger of Mannesmann TeleCommerce: Telematics and Mobile Services (1502 Kb)

Johani Murto of Location Interoperability Forum (417 Kb)

Lisbet Sagmo of Telenor Mobil (87 Kb)

Holger Linden of Mannesmann Mobilfunk: Experience of a pioneer user (87 Kb)

Dick Gerbrands of CMG Telecommunications: Plan next meeting (240 Kb)